innovative solutions for complex networks


innovative solutions for complex networks


FES provides innovative products and services to the telecommunications industry. We engage with clients through turnkey projects managed and delivered entirely by us, or by providing our staff to work as consultants in client offices in close collaboration with their teams. Either way we will exceed your expectations and complete your project successfully.


FES deploys highly skilled and competent engineering resources to assist our clients with their short to long term project requirements. FES resources integrate rapidly within the client organization, take ownership of assigned responsibilities, facilitate knowledge transfer and exit gracefully at the conclusion of each project.




FES assists our clients with all aspects of deployment including site development, site surveys, and installation and commissioning. We provide field services for new deployments as well as upgrades to existing infrastructure. We perform preventive maintenance as well as installation, integration and commissioning, upgrades of base station, core network, and transport equipment as well as advanced troubleshooting for large network migrations.


Our FES-IQ software delivers dramatic cost savings and improvements in performance and efficiency through predictive analytics and application specific business intelligence.

FES leverages its advanced FES-IQ software suite to squeeze more capacity from limited network and capital resources and deliver dramatic improvements in network performance.