FES provides highly skilled and competent engineering resources to assist our clients with their short to long-term project requirements.

FES resources integrate rapidly within the client organization, take ownership of assigned responsibilities, facilitate knowledge transfer, and exit gracefully at the conclusion of each project.

FES is happy to provide experienced temporary staff to work under the direction of our clients, but we also excel at managing large, complex turnkey projects ourselves. Turnkey projects ease the burden on your organization and hold us accountable to defined deliverables, timelines, and fixed projects costs. Our senior consultants and management have a full understanding of the turnkey project life cycle, including defining requirements, assigning priorities, staffing the project, developing the plan and tracking methodology, identifying, mitigating, and managing risk, and measuring results.

Our engineering experience includes:

Radio Access Network

•       RF Design

•       RF Optimization

•       Competitive Benchmarking

•       CW/Model Tuning

•       Interference Hunting

Fixed Network

•       Microwave Backhaul

•       Circuit Provisioning

•       Transport Coordination

•       Core/IP Services


•       E911 Compliance

•       MPE/RF Safety Services

•       DAS/Small Cell Services


Radio Access Network

FES RAN/ RF Engineers have complete understanding and execution experience on all network life-cycle phases and technologies in order to assume the design and optimization responsibilities for our clients. This experience ranges from nominal cell planning for new networks to integration and optimization of the latest technologies in dense urban environments and all types of small cell deployments.

FES has designed tens of thousands of small cells for our various clients. We host internal knowledge sharing sessions to distribute learnings and best practices throughout the organization. We have extensive experience in both indoor and outdoor small cell design and optimization and the unique challenges that these different environments bring.

FES has extensive experience in iDAS and oDAS design and optimization at many of the largest venues and systems. In addition, our highly regarded Special Event Monitoring service provides real-time optimization and reporting during many of the world’s largest events, including Mardi Gras, New York's Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration, and major concerts and conventions.

We have also developed many innovative automated solutions to achieve efficiencies for data collection and analysis, reporting, alerting, and project management.

Fixed Network

FES has the knowledge, understanding, and experience in planning, designing, and implementing network infrastructure from start to finish based upon the technology, market specifications, and goals of our clients. Services include network core engineering, transport coordination and circuit provisioning, C-RAN and virtualization engineering, interconnect and capacity planning, equipment configuration, catastrophe planning, least cost routing optimization, and power and electrical solutions.

FES Microwave Engineers provide solutions to our clients including preliminary design, site surveys and path engineering, frequency selection and licensing, final design, installation and commissioning, and link acceptance testing. FES Microwave Engineers have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to provide microwave relocation services for our clients in a timely and very cost effective manner.


FES has a broad understanding of not only governmental regulations and compliance requirements roadmaps, but also individual carrier needs and the way their emergency networks are uniquely implemented. No other services vendor can effectively bridge those needs while managing multiple stakeholders. FES offers consulting services in compliance best practices recommendations, program management, and large scale project execution.

FES’s Compliance Team members are industry leaders in E911 Compliance and MPE and RF Safety and have worked with all major U.S. carriers, technology solutions OEMS, and industry organizations including CTIA, ATIS, APCO, NENA, and others. Indoor LBS, ESInet next generation architectures, and emerging technologies are changing overall data sources and testing methodologies. FES participates with industry committees and OEMs who are developing, specifying, and testing these next generation technologies.

The FES Compliance Team has performed all aspects of project planning, execution, and best practices leadership for end-to-end compliance programs as well as preparation, testing, and consulting on emerging 911 technologies. FES also offers MPE study services (remote desktop or on-site survey) and EME and RF Compliance services including RF safety barrier design and mitigation.



FES provides end to end deployment services including Site Acquisition, A&E, Construction, and Installation, Integration, and Commissioning services.

FES provides highly experienced resources to assist our clients with deployment from start to finish. We handle field services including new deployments as well as upgrades to existing infrastructure. We perform preventive maintenance as well as installation, integration, commissioning, and advanced troubleshooting for large network migrations and technology upgrades of base station, core network, and transport equipment.

Deployment Services

•       Site Development

•       Site Surveys

•       Installation and Commissioning

FES installation and commissioning experience spans multiple venue types, including major stadiums, airports, hospitals and shopping malls. FES installs equipment according to the manufacturer's prescribed procedures for assembly, wiring, and testing.

Installation includes associated devices and cables, such as:

•       Base Station or Access Point (AP)

•       Antennas

•       Cabling

•       Cable Dressing

Once installation is complete, FES field engineering teams perform integration testing to verify functionality of the system, including:

•       Basic Call Test - one call type per Access Point

•       E911 Phase 2 call testing

•       Speed Testing

FES has successfully performed many large iDAS and oDAS designs over the years, including:

•       Neutral Host Stadium with 28 zones and 16 sectors

•       Multi-Level Shopping Mall with six sector design (500k+ sq. ft.)

•       Neutral Host Multi-story Casino and Hotel (1 million+ sq. ft.)

•       Convention Center 1.5 million+ sq. ft. with 12 sectors

•       Over 100,000 sq. ft. campus environments

•       Numerous Airports, Stadiums, Malls, etc.

FES engineers and installers possess many years of experience installing and testing both fiber and coax mediums. FES engineers and installers possess certifications and a thorough knowledge of industry standards and test protocols including U.S. and International Fiber Optic Standards, EIA-TIA Fiber Optic Standards, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes and Standards, and BICSI Information Technology Systems Installation Methods. FES DAS system engineers and installers maintain industry certifications from several pertinent DAS OEMs including SOLID, Corning, ADRF, CommScope, TEKO and Nokia.

Following industry best practices, our installation programs include cleaning and inspection of connectors, checking continuity with a Visual Fault Locator (VFL), and testing cables with a light source and power meter to determine insertion loss. This data is recorded to compare losses before and after installation. Insertion loss testing and OTDR testing and results are provided to the client as deliverables.